Investing in R&D

Since the beginning, our company and work has been founded in science and research. The first partnership was between co-founder and then president, Dick Storkan, and Dr. Stephen Wilhelm, Plant Pathologist, University of California, Berkeley. Dick and Stephen are credited with the advancement of mechanical methods of fumigation with plastic sheeting to achieve chemical efficacy and to retain the volatile fumigants, allowing for the growth of commercial use.

We continue to develop university and research partnerships to improve efficacy and sustainability. Some of the experts we work with include:

We conduct dozens of field trials every year. Many have been documented in peer reviewed journals such as California Agriculture or presented at conferences such as at the Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Methyl Bromide Alternatives.

The USDA Knows Who To Call: TriCal, Inc.

USDA Knows when to call Tri-CalWhen confirmed detection of the Pale Cyst Nematode (PCN) in Idaho potato fields forced the APHIS branch of the USDA to announce and regulate quarantined acres, they called TriCal, Inc. Potatoes are a $3-5 billion industry in Idaho. Idaho is the #1 state in potato production with over 300,000 acres of potatoes. Identification of PCN meant that other states and countries would not allow export of potatoes from the region without an eradication program in place. APHIS called the TriCal group because we are the only ones who have the expertise, equipment, and trained personnel to treat and protect acres from this invasive, destructive species. They knew our commitment to Research & Development. They knew we could call upon our historic base of knowledge and years of experience to properly treat the soil. Together we are helping to stabilize the food security and economic impact of this disruption.