Meet the Team.

Mike Stanghellini Director of Research & Regulatory Affairs

Mike has been with TriCal since 2005 and oversees our R&D program, which includes collaborative research with other Industry Groups, Commodity Groups, and Private Sector. He also works with University, State, and Federal researchers. Mike also oversees our Regulatory Affairs – local, county, state and federal; sometimes international. He is currently working on the best technologies to reduce fumigant emissions, like EVOH barrier resin films and non-chemical soil pest control tactics, like steam.

Get to know Mike…

What is your Educational background?
  • 1993 Bachelors of Science - Biology, Zoology Emphasis – Northern Arizona University
  • 1996 Masters of Science - Major: Entomology, Minor: Statistics – North Carolina State University
  • 2000 PhD – Dual Major: Entomology and Horticultural Sciences, Minor: Plant Pathology – North Carolina State University
What was your work experience prior to TriCal?
I spent about 12 years doing research and extension work on bees (crop pollination; conventional and organic control of parasitic honey bee mites and other bee pests).
What job would you be doing if you didn't work for TriCal?
Researcher at USDA or a university. Anything involving agriculture – plants, insects, microbes, etc., are all fascinating to me, especially how various pests impact the availability of food to my fellow humans.
What do you do when you’re not at work?
I’m a family man, so anything involving my wife and kids is top priority. We’re all “outdoorsy”, so we love to hike in the mountains, play at the beach, the usual stuff families do. As far as strictly personal hobbies, my biggest indulgence is growing cacti and succulents. These plants are highly specialized and adapted for survival in harsh environments, come in a myriad of beautifully bizarre forms, and remind me of my childhood in Arizona.

David Miller Lab Technician

David has worked for TriCal since 2008 and is involved with a variety of research and development projects, which often include sampling and analysis of soils and gasses. Prior to joining the team, he worked in the seed health department of a seed and plant diagnostics laboratory.

Get to know David…

What do you like most about working for TriCal?
I really enjoy the combination of doing science both in the lab and out in the field. I studied Soils at Humboldt State University and did the apprentice program at The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at the University of California Santa Cruz. I get to use all my skills, interests, and experience.
What do you do for fun?
Outside of work, if I’m not with my family, I spend much of my time gardening and making compost.

Matt Gillis Research Scientist

Matt started with TriCal in 1988 and is our Agriculture/Fumigation Research Scientist. He conducts Environmental Fate Studies and provides first-hand technical support for field fumigation related issues. With nearly three decades of experience at TriCal, Matt enjoys both the cerebral and physical aspects of working in the lab and in the field. He has published several reports on fumigant emissions and is co-authored in the Journal of Environmental Chemistry.

Get to know Matt…

What is your Educational background?
  • B.S. Agronomy, Pomology, Soils and Irrigation
  • M.S. Agriculture - emphasis on soil microbiology and crop production.
Which project are you most excited about right now and why?
GPS site-specific application of fumigants. Utilization of GPS and GIS to improve precision and accuracy of fumigation. I am leading the utilization of GPS/GIS to enhance several aspects of the fumigation business and as a tool for developing greater understanding of soil borne diseases. These technologies have the potential to greatly increase the ability to differentiate at smaller scales, improve precision, accuracy and application efficiency. I am co-authored on an article in Cal Ag on GPS control of site-specific application of fumigants.
What are you passionate about?
Soaring Gliders - I have been soaring close to 4 decades and it is an integral part of my life experience. It acts as a metaphor for other aspects of my life. I found it provides natural insight and perspective into things that are not readily gained in other ways.

Ernesto Uytingco Chemist

Ernesto has been working for TriCal since 2004. His role is to provide laboratory support, facilitate product studies for label registration, and conduct other research, as needed for different company research and development projects. With a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Ernie is working on a method validation for analyzing 3-component formulations of fumigants that are being studied for registration overseas.

Get to know Ernie…

What were you doing before you came to TriCal?
I bring 32 years of previous work experience to TriCal. Prior to working here, I worked in various industries mostly involving analytical work in paint and textile resin polymerization, polystyrene bulk polymerization, pharmaceutical, semiconductor quality control and fabrication, magnetic disk, magnetic recording head and lithium battery research.
What are your favorite things about working for TriCal?
TriCal has a strong group of people with various expertises who support each other in pursuing projects that will benefit our customers, crop protection, chemical safety, and our company. I am able to pursue my personal passion of plant propagation. Currently, I am working on orchid hybridization, propagation, and plant tissue culture.