GPS Precision Treatment

GPS Precision Treatment is a GPS-based software and hardware system that delivers spot fumigation treatments by tractor directly to tree planting sites. This groundbreaking, versatile application method uses a custom grid to apply fumigant directly to desired sites. By designating the size of the fumigated zone around the tree site, GPS Precision Treatment allows for a very targeted fumigation.

Can reduce the amount of fumigant required to treat an orchard by 50%-90%.

Allows the total treated acreage to be reduced, which helps to mitigate various regulatory and buffer zone issues.

Shown to increase trunk diameter, tree health, and harvest yields, maximizing net revenue for growers.


Trical’s proprietary GPS-based software creates a virtual map of an orchard’s future tree sites before the fumigant application begins. Treatment sites are accurately mapped according to the growers desired row and tree spacings. Fumigant treatment is then administered via tractor equipped with proprietary GPS-based software and hardware to rapidly turn shank injections on and off only at the designated tree sites while the tractor travels down the tree rows.

GPS-based pre-plant soil fumigation treatments showed enhanced canopy growth through the first and second yield years (the third and fourth growing seasons after planting, respectively) when compared to the non-fumigated control. In trials, increases in pest and disease management translated into profitable yield increases. Effective pre-plant soil fumigation can be an essential step in maximizing net revenues in replanted orchards. The efficacy and efficiency of GPS-controlled spot fumigation treatments are a powerful option where site or air quality sensitivities permit
use of only very low rates of fumigant per acre such as Township Caps, and/or Buffer Zones.


GPS Precision Treatment demonstrates Trical’s continuing pursuit to provide growers the tools they need to improve crop health, while still being committed to public and environmental health and safety.

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