Product Stewardship

TriCal is committed to the responsible use of farming chemistry for safety and efficacy. We have prioritized the financial investment and countless man hours in the safe development and stringent registration of products that treat our growers’ problems efficiently. With specific formulations, thousands of in-field application trials, and hundreds of university research studies, we are constantly striving for solutions that are “just right” – no more, no less than what is right for our customer and safe for our community.

Farming chemistry works hard to protect our food supply and health.

The chemicals listed below are registered in varying chemical formulations for maximum performance, safety, and environmental health.

Fumigant Example Trade Names Safely Used Since Benefits Movement through Soil EPA Residue Tolerance
Methyl Bromide Methyl Bromide, Tri-Con, Pic-Brom 1960s Excellent broad-spectrum fumigant, effective for managing many insects, nematodes, weeds, bacteria, and fungi Excellent Exempt, EPA determination – no residue in or on food
Chloropicrin Chloropicrin, Tri-Clor, Pic Plus, Tri-Con, Pic-Clor 1920s Excellent control of many fungal and bacterial pathogens; also controls some insects, nematodes, and weeds Good in well-tilled, non-saturated soil Exempt, EPA determination – no residue in or on food
1,3-Dichloropropene Telone, InLine, Pic-Clor, Tri-Form 1950s Excellent for preplant nematode control and when mixed with Chloropicrin, also controls numerous fungal and bacterial plant pathogens Good in well-tilled, low moisture soil Exempt, EPA determination – no residue in or on food
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Good Formulations are years in the making.

While each product is different, generally it takes 10 or more years from product conception to registration. The hurdles are onerous and extensive, as they should be. Powerful soil chemistry needs to help growers overcome crop-destroying pests, while simultaneously promoting health and safety – since that is what the outcome of these crops – life-sustaining food – is for in the first place.

We take chemical handling very serious. TriCal’s filling and shipping operations are certified to the ISO9001 standard.

ISO 9001 Certified Certificate (PDF)

*TriClor and Telone are federally Restricted Use Pesticides.