Soil fumigation is a critical step to ensure that your orchard gets off to a good start. TriClor is a pre-plant soil fumigant and is the foundation for a successful pest management system. Targeted pathogens include soil-borne diseases and nematodes. Fumigation helps to create a healthy soil environment that allows the plant’s root system to flourish. A healthy root system leads to enhanced trunk, shoot, and canopy growth.

The best way to manage pathogens before they become an issue.


  • Prunus Replant Disorder
  • Nematodes
  • Phytophthora
  • Root Rot

“When studying performance of new rootstocks, soil pest control, or replant problems we always needed soils that had been fumigated vs. untreated. Nematodes were the ‘hidden underground enemy’. Chloropicrin delivery was rather complex but it was TriCal that we could depend upon for quality and safety in association with fumigant delivery. From 1969 to present, whether in Shasta or San Diego County, this researcher could always count on receiving the best from folks at TriCal. A sincere thank you for the experienced and expert fumigation support through the years.”
- Dr. Michael McKenry, Nematologist UC Riverside


Real Results.

Studies repeatedly show that soils fumigated with TriClor produce healthier roots that allow the trees to establish themselves faster and more uniformly. This allows fertilizer and irrigation inputs to be utilized more efficiently, saving you time and money on the front end, and maximizing your harvest yields and profits on the back-end.

“As an almond tree grower, our family orchard has relied on soil fumigation for decades. The loss of Methyl Bromide was really tough. We were dealing with a lot of oak root fungus and TriCal stepped up for us. We really appreciate working with such an innovative company willing to go the extra mile to help us solve our disease problem. They recommended Chloropicrin-based TriClor but we were concerned it would not get deep enough. They worked directly with DPR to set up a TriClor plus Telone deep treatment followed directly by a shallow treatment. We will not know final results for a couple years but initial soil tests showed a 98% kill of the fungus in the infected zone. I have observed growers not fumigate before replanting their orchards back to trees. The result is like death, poor vigor and growth. TriCal provided us with hope. I can’t imagine not working with them. ”
- Dave Phippen, Travaille & Phippen


Product rate and application method vary by crop and the the pathogens targeted. Contact us today to learn more about TriClor and the soil fumigation prescription that is right for your field.

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*TriClor and Telone are federally Restricted Use Pesticides.